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Bean Perfection

Journeying from farm to cup, we exclusively use 100% Arabica beans from top-tier producers in Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala and Sumatera.

Porta Filters

Coffee with Heart

Every cup of coffee comes with an extra serving of warmth and care. It's a place where you're not just a customer; you're part of our family. 


In the pursuit of the perfect cup of latte, our journey has been a labour of love. Through the highs and lows, we discovered that perfection lies in a precise and harmonious blend – a golden ratio, if you will – comprising 6 ounces of milk and 2 ounces of espresso, coming together to form the sublime 8 ounces.


8oz is not merely a measure; it encapsulates the essence of our relentless pursuit of perfection. It's a vessel for memories, an embodiment of the hours spent in the relentless pursuit of that one flawless sip, a celebration of the journey as much as the destination.


For a decade now, we've been on this remarkable journey, and we are immensely proud to continue standing by our unwavering beliefs. At our core, we are a humble entity, proudly standing as a testament to the beauty of a Malaysian homegrown brand.

Image by Mohamed Shaffaf
Image by Pablo Merchán Montes
Image by Jonathan Borba
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